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12 gen 09 16:00    Marco Ernandes, Marco Lippi et al. (Research) "double-state node search"
19 gen 09 16:00    Marco Gori "Relational regularization"
17:00    Marco Gori "Semantic-based regularization"
26 gen 09 16:00    Claudio Marini (Research) "Giochi di Ulam e Guessing Secrets"
2 feb 09 16:00    Loredana M. Genovese, Filippo Geraci and Marco Pellegrini "SpeedHap: An Accurate Heuristic for the Single Individual SNP Haplotyping Problem with Many Gaps, High Reading Error Rate and Low Coverage"
16 feb 09 16:00    Lorenzo Sarti (Research) "Statistical shape models and face analysis"
23 feb 09 16:00    Ilaria Castelli (Research) "Active Shape Models for face localization"
2 mar 09 16:00    Stefano Melacci (Research) "Statistical models for face feature description: Learning to recognize faces from shape and appearance"
16 mar 09 16:00    Marco Gori (Research) "Logic regularization"
17:00    Marco Gori (Research) "Kernels method and the complexity of learning"
23 mar 09 16:00    Tiziano Papini (Research) "Neural Network based preference learning for object ranking"
30 mar 09 16:00    Edmondo Trentin (joint work with Leonardo Rigutini) (Research) Unsupervised estimation of probability density functions over graphs
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