research lines: The focus on our research is on machine learning. In the last few years, we've been mainly involved in the conception of new theories of learning in structured domains and in their applications to pattern recognition and mining the web. We are also interested in facing popular puzzles using problem solving and, especially, in cracking crosswords. We strongly believe in the importance of technological transfer,but you can find us involved also in discussions on novel models of computation and in their relationships with human brain.
how we do research: Everybody has specific tasks to carry out our projects but, we strongly stimulate and favor novel ideas, if even they cross the border of our current interests.
Evaluation of research: Everybody is free to pursue his own idea, but at the end of the year we always recommend to have a look at the list of published papers. Yes, it's true, papers are not the whole story, yet they express an important index of what is going on in your labs.
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